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As good as it gets…

…is such a nice ‘on the road’ playlist. Always makes me smile.

Check this out:

“Temple (Sanctuary Mix)” by Jane Siberry
Simon’s dog is returned to him at his party.
“Hand On My Heart” by Judith Owen
Vincent returns with 2 cans of Pepsi. Simon tells him he can put what music he wants on.
“Spanish Castle Magic” by The Spin Doctors
Vincent puts this song on the CD player as his friends rob the place. 
“Always Look On the Bright Side of Life” by Art Garfunkel
Melvin plays the piano and sings. 
“Climb On (A Back That’s Strong)” by Shawn Colvin
Melvin knocks on Carol’s door and tells her he’s hungry. Carol kicks off. She tells him her son is sick. Carol looks after her sun.
“Y.M.C.A.” by The Village People
Melvin puts this on the car radio but says he’s joking. 
“Days Like This” by Van Morrison
Melvin puts this song in the car after his joke of playing the YMCA. Carol tells him she likes the song.
“Baltimore” by The Drifters
3rd song in the car. Carol talks to Simon as she drives and Melvin sits in the back.
“Everything My Heart Desires” by Phil Roy
The band play live in the restaurant as the greeter goes to get a tie and jacket for Melvin. 
“My Only” by Phil Roy
Melvin arrives back at the restaurant with his new jacket and tie. Melvin and Carol sit down at their table. 
“Everything My Heart Desires” by Phil Roy
3rd song in the restaurant. Melvin is tasked with given Carol a compliment but first he orders the food. 
“(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons” by Nat ‘King’ Cole
Melvin puts the music on in the car but Carol complains. Melvin turns it off. 
“Always Look On the Bright Side of Life” by Art Garfunkel
End credits