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A vignette for ’45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy’


I’ve been invited to a lovely New Year’s get together on Goodreads. Sophie posted this on her blog Laughing with Lizzie and I will post it here and on HOT RIO CHICK too.

This is my entry telling you what Darcy didn’t in ’45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy’: his New Year’s party in Dubai.

While Lizzy was at home with her family, he was partying hard.

Now you´ll know what he was up to…


 She’s got a lot of nerve


A ’45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy’ vignette

 rated T, modern

‘Come on, Darce! I won’t have you alone in the corner in such a stupid manner!’ Charles Bingley approached his longtime friend Fitzwilliam Darcy sporting an annoying smile. ‘Such a nice party, it’s almost midnight and look at you! Sulking!’ 
‘Return to your date, Bingley.’ Darcy answered deepening his frown. ‘She’ll waste her smiles if you are not there to appreciate.’ 
Bingley laughed. ‘You should include ‘loosening up’ in that New Year’s resolution list.’ 
Darcy averted his eyes from the beautifully art deco decorated salon to the friend he met in boarding school when they were boys. Frequently Darcy regretted having adopted Bingley as his protégée those many years ago. He could be really obnoxious. 
‘In fact, I’m working on it now.’ Darcy answered.
‘I wonder.’ Bingley took a sip of his glass.
‘First New Year’s resolution: Don’t allow anyone to tell me what I should do.’
Bingley laughed. ‘So many pretty birds here tonight. Not one is using burkas!’ He wiggled his brows.
Darcy shook his head. More than two weeks in the United Emirates and Bingley was still fantasizing what was beneath the women’s robes. If they had chosen a nunnery to spend the holidays, he would surely have similar thoughts. ‘You are dancing with the prettiest one. Why should I settle for less?’
‘She is lovely, another angel!’ Bingley grinned and winked to his date who was giggling with some friends a few steps away. ‘How about that one in the scanty grey dress?’
Darcy turned his head to the side and crossed eyes with said girl again. They had been stealing glances since he arrived. She was pretty, but… ‘Not enough to tempt me.’ He answered. 
‘Brazil is a long way from here, Darce. Chill.’ Bingley tapped his friends’ shoulder and returned to his angelical date. 
“Exactly seven thousand, three hundred and seventy eight miles. A sea, a gulf and the evil Atlantic Ocean separating the rich Dubai from the tropical Rio de Janeiro.” Darcy thought and again whisked his cell phone from his pocket. As soon as he unlocked it, there she was. Lovely, smiling, Venice’s sunset behind her. 
Second New Year’s resolution: realize things won’t fall at your feet, chips frequently fell where they shouldn’t. 
Seven thousand miles composed a very big distance but it wasn’t impossible. A little effort, a lot of constancy and a handful of persuasion should do it. 
With a sigh he closed the photo and pulled up the mail Georgie had sent him that very morning: “Big bruv, you chose to spend the holidays away from home but that won’t keep me from nagging. Here’s a list of resolutions – take note!” 
Third New Year’s resolution: if the responsibility is yours, take it. He had messed up and tried to mend things, but it wasn’t easy. Remorse, anger, frustration, pent up hotness: all mixed up in him. He groaned and drained his glass. ‘I need another drink.’ He grumbled to himself. 
‘All alone, old sport?’ A melodic voice quoted Fitzgerald in a whisper close to his ear. A little too close, in fact. 
Darcy turned his eyes to the pretty woman in the gray scanty dress. Amazing legs, great body, full mouth. More than enough to tempt him. 
‘Yes. You?’ He asked. 
She moved her designed eyebrows and tilted her head to the side. ‘So it seems.’ 
He raised his eyes to the waiter passing by with a tray of champagne flutes and extended his hand to trade his empty for a new one, passing close to her shoulder. The girl turned, curious of his intentions and the long gray fringes hung from her low neckline to hemline, added to the sparkling sequins beneath it, flattered her figure. He blinked and sipped his new drink. 
‘American?’ She asked. 
‘British.’ He answered. 
‘I’m South African.’ She offered. ‘Ella.’ 
‘Enjoying the party?’ She flirted blinking her smoky eyes. 
He raised his eyebrows. ‘It can always improve.’ 
Forth New Year’s resolution: No one can have it all. Accept tradeoffs. He was a world away from her, he tried to mend things and was making (slow) progress but why bark at the wrong tree? He snorted to himself; she would flip with the use of a proverb. The pretty girl smiled sideways in question and he shook his head. 
Nothing, it was nothing, really. 
Except it was. She had a lot of nerve, that Elizabeth Bennett. Fool him for several days and then, literally, shut a door in his face. They flirted – he was sure she did flirt, he was not, could not have misunderstood her the whole time. She did flirt deliciously, and he loved every moment of it. Amsterdam, space cakes, Venice, wellies, Milan, vespa, the Tropic and their night together seasoned with perfectly cooled grappa. And the morning after was heavenly, perfect, hot, unforgettable. 
Darcy was a bit afraid to turn into a school girl mooning over a crush. “Tradeoff, no one can have it all”, he repeated to himself. ‘You dressed the part, very Daisy-like.’ He smiled charmingly. 
Ella battled her lashes at the handsome man in black tie. ‘We match, you are absolutely Gatsby-like.’  She reached forward and groomed his lapel. ‘White jacket suits you. Better than the traditional black.’  She said based only on her will to flirt – she had never seen him before. 
It didn’t matter; she wouldn’t have to try very hard. Darcy was on the mood to let her numb the squeeze in his chest. 
Fifth New Year’s resolution: careful with the grey, the world is made of black and white. Things either are right or wrong for you. Learn to identify what works and what doesn’t. If Lizzy was that out of reach – geographically and emotionally – it was time to admit it was helpless. The grey girl beside him, however… 
From the corner of his eyes he saw Bingley’s satisfaction in seeing him with this girl. He hated that look and elected it the reason for his vague uneasiness. 
The unfamiliar atmosphere of a New Year’s party themed as Fitzgerald’s The great Gatsby was also weighing on him. Art deco room, black and white and… golden – no grey. No indecisions, no unnecessary layerings, all very tasteful and exuberant. White sets of antlers, white feathered boa, black dishware, floating white roses and lilies in crystal glasses. No tulips though. Oh, her tulips!… 
Darcy reminded himself to nod and smile agreeing with grey Ella who was chatting about something. 
Tulips had brought Elizabeth to him. An array of colors, pinks, yellows, blues… and hedge. He chuckled secretly. “Hedge mazes, big helpers.” She was an explosion of colors – no black, no white and no grey in Lizzy. 
‘… dance floor?’ He saw her bright red mouth move but didn’t quite get what she was saying. But the grey girl took his glass from his hand and ushered him to the luxurious salon’s dance floor, her dress having a movement of its own about her.   
But if felt foreign; this girl was almost as tall as he was, she moved freely and confidently, she hugged him differently. Not the same as Amsterdam, La vie en rose, a black dress in a shorter girl, a throaty voice, a sexy tattoo in her right instep, a tasty kiss. Elizabeth. 
‘Forty minutes to midnight, let’s find some refreshments and step on the balcony?’ 
He nodded just as his phone double beeped.
Sixth New Year’s resolution: learn to focus on what matters, stop forgetting your goals and allowing distractions. 
Lizzy Bennett sent you a text.
“It is said that whether we won or lost, the old year improves the new with lessons learnt. I say it’s the size of the party that determines how good the incoming year will be. For me, it won´t be that promising. 😦 Party in Dubai for me! 😀 Happy New Year, Darcy.”
First his breath caught, then his heart jerked, next his brain commanded and his fingers moved. 
“Happy New Year, Lizzy! I can make you as many promises of joy as you wish, my bird. I can even fulfill most of them.” 
Seventh New Year’s resolution: efficiency is the key. Be precise, be clear, quit all curves to reach a straight patch. Be bold, geometrical, direct. Very art deco-ish. How fitting. 
“Very tempting… But I feel I have to ask: are you drunk?” 
 He chuckled. Yes, he had drank a few glasses of champagne, how could he not? Pretty girls in short fringed dresses crossed the salon with enormous champagne bottles that sparkled and flirted more than refilled glasses. Yes, he drank to numb the frustration of not having Lizzy with him. Yes, he drank to not compare the girl in grey with her. 
“I may have been drinking for quite a while. But it’s not nearly as nice as last time. No grappa and worse company.”
Clear, spot on message. Grappa and Lizzy mixed perfectly, the tangy taste and her sweet kisses complimented each other that night making his head spin. Her touch, her caresses… 
But also her shouts and the fire in her eyes. Spiteful words, wrong conclusions, stubbornness. 
‘There you are!’ Darcy heard. 
Eight New Year’s resolution: don’t waste precious time. If it’s not what you want – or deserve, give it up, be it a person or an activity. 
He smiled weakly to Ella and she knew this was not the man she would be kissing at midnight. “Ah, well…” She sighed. 
Lizzy didn’t answer his message but he was sure she understood him. He was planning to overflow her mailbox with fireworks’ pictures so she could blog as much as she wanted, but he would love to receive one from her. Those eyes, that smile, a white dress … Elizabeth. 
When he told her about the Great Gatsby Réveillon in a text a few days earlier, Elizabeth had been ecstatic. Instead of texting back she sent him several voice mails demanding details, pictures, everything. Darcy was not sure he wanted to attend such a big party, it was a Bingley thing. He would rather find an exclusive club with a nice view to watch the fireworks, but Lizzy liked the idea so it changed his inclination. 
That’s what she did best; make him see things in a different view. 
‘Ah, yes of course. Different way to read people.’ Darcy told himself. He left the balcony in search of his friend and found him laughing in a group of pretty girls, his angel and the grey girl included. 
‘Bingley, the New Year’s resolution list Georgie sent me.’ Darcy said. 
‘The bullshit you deleted?’ Bingley chuckled. 
‘Didn’t yet, I’m still considering it.’ Darcy pulled up the mail in his phone. ‘Here.’ He pointed with his middle finger while holding his sweaty champagne flute. ‘Ninth New Year’s resolution: If you’re interested, tell the woman. If it works out, good. If it doesn’t, move on. Act upon it.’ He read and Bingley frowned. ‘Jane Bennett. Weeks ago I told you what Lizzy said.’ 
If Snoop Doggy Dog weren’t singing so loud, one could hear Bingley’s wheels in motion in his head. ‘What time is it in Rio?’  
‘Early evening. They are spending the holidays in Petrópolis though.’ Darcy answered, Bingley nodded and reached for his own cell phone. 
When he asked Lizzy her plans and she said ‘home with family’, he considered inviting her to Dubai. She had traded the Holidays shift at the cruise line with a colleague, so she had a few days free. But he lacked the courage, he was afraid she would refuse him again. Now he regretted not trying, she would love to be there, he would love to have her there. Close to his lips, to his hands, to his arms. 
Tenth New Year’s resolution: get off your ass and make things happen. Courage and attitude. Progress may not be linear; you may stumble, but pick yourself up and keep on. 
As Darcy saw it, Georgie sent only one same message worded in ten different ways. 
‘You stay in my mind so I have to make you mine’, Snoop sang.

Bottom line: Fitzwilliam Darcy was in love with Lizzy Bennett, and would have to make it work.

 Curious about Lizzy’s side of this story? It’s in the book!

Thanks Rita W, dear, for betaíng and for the delightful lunches we had here in Rio! 

Couple Has Gotten Married Over 50 Times All Over The World

I can easily see ’45 days in Europe with Mr Darcy’s Lizzy eyes twinkling just by observing this couple’s picture.

It’s also very probable that she would convince Darcy to do the same!…


“A British couple has been traveling the world over the past two years to take part in a traditional wedding in every country they visit.

The Huffington Post reports that Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant of Manchester began their journey in Australia in 2011, and have since participated in 52 wedding ceremonies in over 50 countries.

The two were friends for eight years before they began dating in 2008. After four years of living together, Alex and Lisa rented out their house and sold Alex’s motor repair business along with a lot of their possessions so they could search the globe for the best place to get married.

The couple has not only exposed how beautiful weddings in certain countries can be, but also enlightened their thousands of followers on the marriage traditions of various cultures.

Alex and Lisa blogged about their experiences the entire time.”

I smell Lizzard all around this! 🙂


Read the full article here.


Every year I join my Darcy friends in a Christmas Cards Swap. Twenty plus cards fly around the world back and forth carrying happy Austenian wishes of a better New year and a warm Christmas. 

Not that we need any wish for a warm Christmas here in Rio… It’s already 37°C + and Summer only starts next week…

Anyway, look what I already got from  Argentina and USA:


roupa de caneca sorteio

Usually I buy a simple card and write a heartfelt message but my Darcy friends always send me lovely hand made cards or nice recipes for cookies or brownies… #ashamedOfMyLazyCards

This year I decided to try harder and… 
I made a Christmas token! 

Lovely  mug warmers: a small sweet blanket to wrap around your favorite mug both to make it even nicer and to help keep your tea (or coffe) warm for a little while longer. All hand painted and embroidered (tsk, tsk) pour moi. 


mug warmer giveaway

I really liked the final outcome… It took me a week to craft all the 20+ warmers… 

Did you like it? 

sorteio roupa de caneca
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My dear Nat from Cantinho Literário joined me in this giveaway… Do try!


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Results on Christmas’ Eve – Dec 24, 2013 both here and on Nat’s blog.


Good luck! And merry Christmas!!!!!

Uma vignette para ’45 dias na Europa com Sr. Darcy’

Mais um festival de fanfics, agora de Inverno, e ’45 dias na Europa com Sr. Darcy’ ganha forma.

Vem conhecer esses Darcy e Lizzy…




 vignette, livre, angst + fluff, moderno O&P

Realmente não é possível controlar as rédeas do destino.

Uma pessoa pedante e marcada pela crueldade de eventos inesperados pode até tentar, mas com certeza não alcançará resultados positivos. Tem sido assim desde Eva, a maçã e ao mau humor de Adão quando teve que procurar outro lugar para viverem após a ordem de despejo. O tiranossauro Rex tentou mostrar ao destino que ele era o rei do mundo jurássico gritando de peito aberto do alto de uma montanha durante a tempestade de poeira quando o meteoro caiu, e não deu certo.

Pessoas mais experientes podem atestar que é uma verdade universalmente conhecida, tanto quanto temida, que o é destino quem brinca com as nossas vidas. E não o contrário.

O Fitzwilliam Darcy de alguns meses atrás diria que o destino não tinha nenhuma influência em sua vida. Desde que havia alcançado a maioridade alguns anos antes, ele havia assumido as rédeas da sua vida se livrando da jurisdição de seus tios e controlava sua herança, uma das cinquenta maiores da Inglaterra. Uma vez independente financeira e judicialmente, William Darcy (como ele preferia ser conhecido), declarou independência também das dores da orfandade.

Seus pais haviam falecido consecutiva, porém não conjuntamente deixando filhos órfãos ainda na terceira infância. Primeiro seu pai descobriu que sua dificuldade em respirar era algo muito pior que o hábito de fumar charutos e a doença o levou à morte em menos de um ano. Logo depois, sem saber como lidar com a dor, o coração de sua mãe enfraqueceu tanto que acabou por parar de bater. Duas crianças inesperadamente deixadas nas mãos dos irmãos de sua mãe que os criaram com todo carinho sem fazer distinção entre seus próprios filhos, mas que infelizmente não podiam ocupar o lugar de seus pais.

 Ele sempre lutou conta o rótulo de pobre menino rico. Quando Darcy completou maioridade ele estava terminando a faculdade. Os poucos anos restantes e os seguintes de MBA calcificaram nele a certeza de que sua vida lhe pertencia e a ninguém mais.

Rico, bonito, educado. Já que seus pais saíram de cena sem cerimônia no meio do primeiro ato, ele poderia decidir como iria conduzir o restante da obra prima. Assim Darcy decidiu que a segunda metade dos seus vinte anos seria vivida sem limitações e para tanto, todas as responsabilidades ligadas à gerência de sua fortuna continuariam a ser de seu tio Earl Fitzwilliam e de sua tia Catherine F. de Bourgh.

Gentil nas ações nem sempre nas palavras, caladão, arrogante. Darcy sabia que seu jeito incomodava algumas pessoas. Considerando que ele se sentia bem consigo mesmo e Gegê estava de bem com a vida, pouca coisa mais tinha importância suficiente para fazê-lo rever suas crenças e domar sua timidez.

Poliglota, prático, sagaz. Desde que decidiu curtir seus vinte e poucos anos, Darcy tinha visitado todas as capitais da Europa e boa parte de suas belezas escondidas, o que a Ásia e a Oceania tinham para lhe oferecer de bom e o paraíso consumista da América do Norte. Viajar era seu hobby que era interrompido somente quando Darcy era requisitado para compromissos familiares inadiáveis: Gegê, sempre que os irmãos combinavam de passar tempo juntos; festas de aniversários; reuniões anuais da mesa diretora das empresas e eventos comerciais que necessitavam de sua presença VIP para fins marqueteiros.

Uma das empresas da família era uma rede mundial de hotéis de luxo que algumas vezes por ano sediava eventos de gala em prol de obras de caridade. Nessas ocasiões, para levantar a atenção da mídia, os herdeiros solteiros eram convocados para abrilhantar a festa tal qual as novas gerações das famílias reais Europeias. William e Gegê Darcy, Anne de Bourgh e Gray Fitzwilliam eram os príncipes do reino De Bourgh Hotels e planavam majestosamente em roupas de grife durante tais eventos.

Foi pelo Baile de Gala do De Bourgh Amsterdam que Darcy deixou Gegê num amargurado autoexílio em sua fazenda no norte da Inglaterra, Pemberley, e foi com seus amigos mais chegados para a Holanda.

Foi assim que Darcy conheceu Lizzy Bennett que coincidentemente tinha uma grande amiga trabalhando no hotel da família dele.

Morena, graciosa, atrevida. Filha de pai Inglês e mãe Brasileira de origem Escocesa, ela era um furacão que tomava conta de qualquer ambiente apesar da sua estatura mediana. A pele bronzeada pelo sol de Ipanema, o inglês fluente apesar do sotaque carioca carregado e as maneiras espontâneas compunham um cativante cartão de visitas.

Petulante, intrigante, instigante. Quando Darcy foi apresentado à Jane, a nova paixão de seu amigo de escola Charles Bingley que o acompanhava na Holanda, achou incomum uma família tão grande.  Os Bennetts tinham cinco filhas em idades próximas que variavam da adolescência à juventude. Dentre elas, a única que Darcy viu foi a universitária Elizabeth. A moça tinha cabelinho nas ventas!

Audaciosa, impulsiva, questionadora. Qualquer um que já a tenha abraçado poderia dizer como ele estava se sentindo nas poucas ocasiões que Amsterdam lhe proporcionou de tê-la em seus braços. Após alguns poucos dias juntos, Darcy não poderia negar que ela tinha mexido com ele.

Amsterdam foi até generosa com Darcy lhe apresentando Lizzy no momento em que achar uma ficante não estava em seus planos. Se ele tivesse a intenção de ser sincero, diria que Amsterdam tinha sido bastante generosa com ele. Também cruelmente gaiata provendo um cenário encantador para que o destino primeiro criasse a demanda e depois lhe informasse o custo altíssimo.

Quando Lizzy o atropelou no labirinto vivo do parque das flores, o abraço foi inesperado momentâneo. Depois, quando ele finalmente a achou no fim da noite resolvendo o mistério do seu desaparecimento Darcy teve vontade, mas não a abraçou porque ele tinha um autocontrole invejável. Tal qualidade foi especialmente posta à prova na noite em que eles se beijaram e Lizzy fugiu logo depois.

Ela tinha uma maneira deliciosa de flertar com ele fazendo insinuações por muitas vezes inocentes, por vezes maliciosas; o instigando com espetadas que vinham acompanhadas de um irresistível desafio no seu olhar. E como Lizzy sabia se comunicar com os olhos…

Ela era alguns anos mais nova que ele, na verdade ela tinha a idade de Gegê, mas o problema não era esse.

Qualquer um que já a tenha desejado tentaria lhe dizer o que ele sentia por dentro. Era uma bagunça em seu ordenado universo, uma presença explosiva e inesperada. Como ele poderia resistir a convidá-la para dançar no baile de gala? Ela estava linda de salto e vestido de noite, bem diferente do jeito moleca estilosa que ele a tinha visto até então. E ele que já a tinha achado muito interessante antes, ficou hipnotizado quando viu suas belas pernas bronzeadas dentro de meias de seda e a pequena tatuagem indiana no peito do pé esquerdo.

A única coisa que Darcy sempre quis era a impressão de que ela não estivesse fingindo, mas depois que a ouviu conversar ao telefone tão animadamente com ninguém menos que George Wickham, a memória das lágrimas e do silêncio de Gegê tomaram conta dele.

Darcy nunca gostou das aventuras cariocas de Gegê, ele tinha detestado a ideia desde que foi informado. Mas se ele tinha liberdade de viver sua vida como queria isso significava que ele não tinha controle sobre as vidas das pessoas queridas e próximas a ele. Responsabilidade era algo que William Darcy definitivamente não queria assumir.

Gegê e Lizzy… A mesma idade, morando na mesma cidade, no mesmo bairro, se relacionando com as mesmas pessoas… Certamente Lizzy também estava envolvida pelo mesmo canalha, o tom da conversa deles dizia isso a um bom entendedor.

O único que Darcy nunca poderia pensar… Wickham!

Espere um minuto, como ele não pôde ver? Era o destino lhe mostrando que ele não controlava nada que não lhe fosse dada a chance de controlar. Darcy poderia decidir para onde ir na sua próxima viagem, se embarcaria em voo particular ou público, se seria durante o verão ou o inverno. Mas não decidiria quando conheceria uma mulher que mexeria tanto com ele, quando ele ia querer cair das estrelas diretamente em seus braços.

Da maneira que Darcy via, era como se eles tivessem uma conexão direta esperando para ser estabelecida, mas que sofria a interferência maléfica daquele desgraçado interesseiro de bosta.

Darcy podia senti-la… Mas mesmo assim fugiu.

Foi embora de Amsterdam sem trocar contatos ou promessas.

Ele esperava que Lizzy o compreendesse. Apesar do fato de que nenhuma explicação tivesse sido oferecida ou sequer requisitada.

Meses se passaram e Darcy teve a distinta sensação de que sua vida voltara aos trilhos.

Seu universo estava novamente em ordem e ele retomou seus planos de viajar o mundo. Gegê finalmente parecia estar dando a volta por cima, Bingley havia desistido da tolice de também passar algum tempo no Rio de Janeiro e viajara para o Canadá com a irmã, seus tios não o amolavam com os negócios e como bônus, Gray tinha arranjado tempo para acompanhar Darcy pelo mundo.

Gray era o primo mais próximo que Darcy tinha, e talvez seu amigo mais leal. Bingley tinha mais tempo disponível já que sua fortuna lhe permitia imitar o amigo na exploração do planeta pulando de um hotel de luxo para o próximo. Gray ao contrário trabalhava duro determinado a fazer a vida fora do império da família e só tinha tempo para acompanhar o primo mais novo nas férias.

Depois de muita discussão, os primos concordaram em seguir os planos da prima Anne e fazer o caminho de Santiago de Compostela. Não que nenhum dos três fosse particularmente religioso, mas o passeio era afamado. Não que nenhum dos três – especialmente Darcy – considerasse que precisava refletir sobre os rumos que sua vida tomava, mas a rota tinha uma mística inegável. Não que nenhum dos três desse importância a misticismo, mas o livro que romanceava a jornada era um best-seller.

Um best-seller escrito por um brasileiro.

E de novo Elizabeth Bennett invadia a vida de William Darcy.

Num intrincado vai e vem do destino que caprichosamente jogou os jovens milionários para cá e para lá entre as fronteiras da França, Espanha e Itália num zig-zag de luxo, Darcy acabou por descobrir que novamente estava na mesma cidade que Lizzy.

O destino usava agora Milão como cenário para seu jogo desleal.

Não havia em Darcy maneira de expressar a surpresa em ouvir de sua enfadonha tia que ‘a mocinha Brasileira’ tinha excelentes ideias e era uma pena ela ainda não trabalhar para eles como a amiga Charlotte Lucas.

Charlotte, amiga, brasileira, moça. Se as bolhas nos seus pés não o incomodassem tanto, Darcy perceberia que o ritmo acelerado do seu coração era o real responsável pelo seu desconforto.

Depois dos últimos meses empurrando Lizzy para fora de sua mente, vê-la em pessoa e ouvir seu riso solto era fantástico. E o seu olhar desafiador estava ainda mais afiado.

Acreditando retomar a química que dividiram na Holanda, Darcy passou a escolher cuidadosamente o que falar para que sua observação disparasse nela o ímpeto de apertar os olhos negros, respirar fundo e o provocar numa réplica que mereceria uma tréplica e o flerte era absolutamente irresistível.

No momento que Gray testemunhou a troca de farpas entre seu primo e a gostosinha Sul Americana, ele soube que Darcy estava perdido. Alguns meses atrás quando Darcy comentou sobre a menina que tinha conhecido em Amsterdam, Gray pensou que era meramente uma atração inocente. Como Darcy nem tinha o telefone da mulher, o que mais poderia acontecer entre eles? Durante os quarenta dias caminhando pela Espanha, ela foi mencionada passageiramente nas conversas, nunca como o principal assunto.

Mas vendo os dois juntos, dava para sentir a vibe entre eles, era como se fosse tangível, dava para ver no ar. Darcy estava de quatro pela gatinha de nariz empinado que tinha uma maneira diferente de flertar, parecia não gostar dele na verdade. Mas como Gray nunca tinha namorado ninguém dos trópicos, ele não tinha como saber se não era algum costume peculiar. Assim, ele deu força ao primo quando este decidiu investir.

Mas depois de duas semanas convivendo com ela, o destino tinha mais uma surpresa guardada para Darcy.

‘Eu só te dei uma chance por que Gegê insistiu que você era uma boa pessoa!’ Lizzy havia rugido no auge de sua ira. Gegê havia morado no prédio de Lizzy em Ipanema e ainda se falavam com alguma frequência. Mesmo assim ele não soube de nada, não percebeu nada, não entendeu nada.

Para o homem que havia tentado feri-lo contando mentiras para Lizzy sobre Gegê, Darcy poderia facilmente explicar o modo como se sentia: arrasado.

Depois de tê-la em seus braços por uma noite inteira, ele a havia perdido irrevogavelmente: desiludido.

Darcy suspeitava que ouviria as palavras enfurecidas de Lizzy reverberando em seus ouvidos para sempre num modo repetição infinito: destruído.

Por todo o ciúme que ela lhe causou falando do idiota Wickham com carinho enquanto deixava claro para Darcy o quanto ela o desprezava: humilhado.

Nem sozinho no quarto escuro onde ela o havia deixado ele poderia declarar a razão pela qual tentou esconder a verdade sobre o detestável Wickham. No auge da ira por um segundo Darcy cogitou expor toda a nojeira que o amiguinho tão querido dela era capaz de causar na vida dos outros, mas não conseguiu. Apesar da maneira e do quê Lizzy lhe disse, Darcy não queria brigar. Não sobre isso. Não com ela.

E todas as coisas que ela o havia ensinado no instante em que Darcy entendeu a real intenção das insinuações que ele acreditava serem flertes haviam enviado seu futuro para dimensões mais claras. De repente as cores ficaram mais nítidas, tudo entrou em foco.

Lizzy não era intrigante, ela era direta.

Agora ele via a si próprio como ela o via: um playboy abominável e aborrecível. Ela repudiava a maneira descuidada que ele levava a vida e Darcy não havia sido capaz de perceber seu desprezo.

Tudo ficou tão claro que incomodava os olhos.

Uma dimensão tão bem delineada com vetores tão palpáveis onde ela era oposta a ele. Lizzy se considerava praticamente como uma adversária.

Ela nunca saberia o quanto o havia ferido simplesmente porque ele nunca contaria. Nem a ela nem a ninguém.

‘Fique um minuto, não pode ver?’ Ele tomou fôlego para falar antes que se despedissem para sempre. ‘Que eu… Eu quero cair das estrelas diretamente em seus braços? Eu… Eu sinto você e esperava que você tivesse me compreendido. ’

Mas faltou coragem.

Muitos corações estão partidos no momento.

Um em Londres sentado em frente ao computador olhando o formulário de e-mail em branco enquanto a cabeça não consegue achar palavras para explicar o que ele sente, como deve se desculpar, como deve explicar o que realmente aconteceu e como pedir uma segunda chance.

Outro no Rio de Janeiro tentando retomar a vida da mesma forma que fazia antes daquelas semanas na Europa. Seguia sua rotina de faculdade e trabalho, mas agora parecia faltar alguma coisa que na verdade nunca havia estado presente. A distinta e indesejada sensação de lacuna em branco era impalatável.

A dor no arrependimento era muito cruel, tanto do lado direito quando do esquerdo do Atlântico.

As infindáveis possibilidades do que poderia ter acontecido e como deveria ter acontecido davam piruetas nas cabeças de Lizzy e Darcy incessantemente, por mais que eles desejassem passar por cima de tudo.

Uma promessa de amor nunca vem com um talvez, tantas palavras foram deixadas por dizer e tantas outras ditas para machucar.

Se ela não tivesse sido tão explosiva… Mas ele foi absolutamente cretino!

Se ele tivesse sacado que ela era a tal amiga carioca que Gegê falava tanto… Mas ela não comentou nada.

Se os dois não estivessem tão bêbados naquela noite… Mas estavam e se permitiram agir por instinto.

As vozes silenciosas o estavam deixando louco. Darcy não iria conseguir dar a volta por cima se não tentasse o perdão. Ele tinha que se explicar e fazê-la ver o que ele via.

Ele começou digitando: “Depois de toda a dor que me causou, fazer as pazes pode nunca ser sua intenção. Você nunca saberá o quanto me magoou.”

Parou por um instante olhando para a tela do seu computador sem ver nada e depois leu, iluminou tudo e apertou delete.

Por que ela não conseguia ver que ele cairia das estrelas diretamente em seus braços?

Darcy a sentia tão perto e ao mesmo tempo tão longe…

Esperava, não, queria que ela compreendesse.

Do outro lado do mundo, Lizzy estava pronta para cair das estrelas diretamente nos braços dele.

Ela o sentia muito mais perto do que gostaria.

Mas não compreendia.




A ’45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy’ drabble


I was invited to a drabble festival and this is ’45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy’ debut.




Royal baby

Drabble from ’45 days in Europe with Mr. Darcy’, fluff, MA 


Lizzy Bennett wants to video chat with you. Accept?

‘Hi, love!’ Darcy’s sleepy face appeared on her screen.

‘Hi love! Did I wake you up? I’m sorry…’ Lizzy bit her lip.

‘It’s ok, I was reading. Besides I always want to chat you up!’ He smiled ‘It’s still early evening in Rio, are you studying for tomorrow’s test?’

‘Yes. Tomorrow’s and the other five as well.’ She sighed. ‘It’s going to be a tough week… But Love…’ She said in a catlike meow and Darcy knew would get him in trouble soon. ‘I need a favor.’

‘In eight days you will have finished your next-to-last semester in college and I will be arriving in Rio.’ He asked smiling at her pretty face in his tablet. ‘Can’t it wait?’

Lizzy shook her head. ‘Now!’

‘On line sex?’ He grinned.

‘Huh-huh. I want photos from the royal baby’s official announcement to blog. Will you take a few for me?’ Lizzy asked sweetly.

‘What? No!’ Darcy frowned.

Lizzy frowned back. ‘Why not? You’re in London!’

‘I’m going to Pemberley in the morning.’ He said.

‘Liar!’ She accused pointing him a finger. ‘Go, please!’

‘No!’ He shook his head.

‘Why not?’ Lizzy insisted.

‘Because it’s another tourist trap.’ He pursed his lips. ‘Without you to walk hand in hand with me I won’t get into any other.’

‘Wickham would do it for me.’ She pouted.

‘Ask him, then.’ Darcy smiled ironically.

‘Can’t, he moved out of my building.’ She made a face.

‘Good, or else he might want to take your sister with him to hold his camera.’ Darcy chuckled.

‘Hey, jerk! Not funny!’ She complained. ‘I need photos! At least take some of Trafalgar square’s fountain colored blue.’ She asked.

‘No.’ Darcy shook his head again.

‘William…’ She whined leaning on her desk to get closer to the cam.

He still shook his head but didn’t notice her face getting bigger because his eyes were distracted on something until he sent her a message. ‘There!’ He said giving her a gorgeous smile. ‘I googled these photos you want and sent you the link.’

‘You are really a jerk!’ Lizzy sputtered.

‘That you love!’ He chuckled. ‘And that is crazy for you and those tiny green knickers on your hanger!’

Lizzy turned and blushed realizing again she had left a bikini on the floor hanger that framed her face when the cam was pointed at the window. An idea hit her. ‘That new bikini?’ She asked and rose to walk to the hanger.

Darcy watched as her lithe body kneeled on the bed showing him pink lacy knickers and she stood at the other side. She took the bikini bottom and showed it to him, bended by the waist, took off her knickers and put the bikini on. He was wide-eyed and breathing hard when she returned.

‘Do you like it?’ She asked raising her t-shirt to her ribs and twisting in front of the camera. ‘I just bought it.’

Darcy shook his head. ‘It’s too small.’

‘I was complimented at the beach.’ She said.

‘I don’t want you to wear this when I’m not with you.’ He ordered.

‘You are never with me!’ She complained.

‘I’ll arrive next week, Lizzy.’ He said.

She tsked, turned her back and took off her shirt giving him a glimpse of her small breasts.

‘Lizzy!’ He cried.

‘What?’ She asked naively bending again to look at the cam.

‘You don’t want to give me online sex but are undressing for me?’ He asked in a sideways smile.

‘I just want to show you my new bikini!’ She explained.

‘Is it topless?’ He asked. ‘In Greece you said no one does topless in Rio.’

‘I may start a trend!…’ Lizzy smiled wickedly. She let him see a nipple and he swallowed.

‘No you won’t.’ He ordered.

‘Get me a picture!’ She insisted.

Darcy shook his head. ‘Are you going to parade naked in Brazil if I don’t make a fool of myself standing in the crowd at Buckingham’s gate?’ He grinned.

‘No!’ She pouted. ‘I may have to find something else to post on my blog to celebrate the royal baby’s birth! I may copy his mother’s holiday pics…’ Lizzy stood to show him her beautiful hips with a thin string of the bikini adorning it, her narrow waist and small breasts and when she was sure he had seen enough, she cut the call. 

Two minutes later Lizzy’s phone beeped.

Geo Darcy sent you a SMS.

‘Do you know why my brother needed to be at Trafalgar this late hour?’

— FIM —

The festival has other cute, funny, lovely drabbles mixing P&P and the royal baby. Go check it out!

And long live the new Prince George!



Disclaimer: Google, Kate&William, me… To each Ceasar what is due to him. 😉

45 days in Europe with Mr Darcy


Hello there!

I’m Moira Bianchi and this is Lizzy Bennett’s blog.

I’ve been working on my next book…

It’s going to be  a linear retelling following events, dates and character’s ages. My first!… 

Lizzy is a Brazilian 20 years old who lives in Rio while her family lives in Petrópolis (a cute city almost an hour from Rio), the Bennetts grow flowers for a living. Darcy is a British 25 years old who is enjoying a sabatical before taking over the family business.

Lizzy has this ‘Wanderlust Lizard’ blog  to talk about her passion

for travelling and it’s pretty popular.

Darcy travels the world and couldn’t care less about anyone’s travel plans or tips.

They meet in Amsterdam and we follow Lizzy’s 3 trips to Europe during an year when she (un)fortunately meets Darcy everytime she sets foot in the Old World.

How hard can it be to give Lizzy enough restraint not to jump Darcy’s bones two minutes after they meet

Even though it’s not my first story, let me tell you, it has not been easy for me…  

You cannot imagine my ordeal!

batman pride and prejudice mashup
Let me go! I want to write a smoking love scene! Free my hands!  

Curious? Here’s a tiny excerpt:

– Earlier draft, Chapter one: Amsterdam –

It turned out that the Bennetts had family plans and would spend two days visiting the flower farms near the city. Coincidentally the British group had similar plans of spending time at the Rosier Tulips Resort and Lizzy could not avoid a group date for Tuesday at Keukenhof. Charlotte rescued Lizzy from further mortification arriving with Caroline who still had a stinky eye towards her, for whatever reason. Soon the British group left and the Brazilian girls could talk in private.

pride and prejudice fanfic‘Aww… Char! Couldn’t you tell me these douchebags were here?’ Lizzy complained. ‘I would have taken the gala invitations whenever, wherever we met…’

‘I didn’t know myself, Elizabeth. They didn’t say anything last night. I’m almost sure we mentioned the name of this hotel…’ Charlotte answered. ‘Anyway, do you know what I found out?’

Lizzy raised both her eyebrows.

‘William, he owns the place!’

‘The douchebag? No! The hotel?’

Charlotte nodded smiling.

Lizzy whistled.

‘Loaded! The other must be too.’ Charlotte said in a serious face. ‘And it’s like they are glued to us.’

pride and prejudice fanfic disney cheshire‘Exactaling!’ Lizzy said quoting the elusive Cheshire cat from Alice in the Wonderland and they both giggled. ‘Owner! This takes the glam right out of me!…’ She pouted.

‘Yeah, right.’ Charlotte snorted. ‘Give back the money they invested on your blog.’

Lizzy shook her head ‘no’ and smiled.

‘He is partially owner actually. His aunt has the majoritarian part.’ She shrugged. ‘Here Miss complaints, five invitations for the gala.’ Charlotte handed Lizzy a neat envelope made of heavy paper with a smile. ‘That was all I could manage.’

‘My mother is going to flip! Thanks so much, dear friend!’ Lizzy said and tried to hug Charlotte who took a step backwards.

‘Sweat, you were running.’ She said twisting her nose.

‘Sorry.’ Lizzy blushed lightly.

‘I know someone who would want to take your sweated hug…’ Charlotte said in a suggestive sideways smile.

Lizzy rolled her eyes. ‘Pray, tell me who. The snob girl who could not find courage to make a move on Liana or the douchebag who is perpetually licking a lemon?’

Charlotte smiled. ‘Caroline does not have an eye on you, oh irresistible Eliza.’

‘I hate that. It’s the same way Aunt Philips calls me… Urgh!’ Lizzy shuddered.

‘It is!’ Charlotte laughed. ‘I was talking about William Darcy, and you know it.’ She said. ‘Don’t!’ She raised a finger to Lizzy. ‘Don’t deny it. He is always staring at you.’

wolf in love big eyes tex avery

‘He is, what a douche! He is always interested in finding fault in me. I believe he is expecting to see the pet snake I must carry in my pocket since I’m such a savage. Anaconda!’ She said in an evil laugh.

Both friends laughed.

‘Mr. Ancient Douche is so stupid, if he only knew it was a lizard!’ Lizzy said smiling mischievously.

‘Lizzy, you kill me! I missed you so much these last months.’ Charlotte said but restrained from embracing Lizzy. ‘Will you come to Paris when I’ll be sent there?’

‘Hell, yes!’ Lizzy said, eyes shining with mirth. ‘I’m already saving. Last night, I let the douche pay for two of my beers!’

heineken amsterdam love affair‘Didn’t your mother teach you anything? It’s not safe to accept a drink from a stranger.’ Charlotte mocked her. ‘Damn gorgeous and snob stranger.’

‘My mother tough me a lot of things. Not drink beer so not to get fat, was one of them!’ Lizzy said and they laughed. ‘Also, that a darn gorgeous stranger is the one to accept drinks from!’


How about that? 

Want some more Pride and Prejudice smut?

See ya!


Disclaimer: This was a Hot Rio Chick blog original post. Images from Google, new Darcy Matthew Rhys Batman mashup and texts are mine. Next book still in the oven… But looking good! 😉

As good as it gets…

…is such a nice ‘on the road’ playlist. Always makes me smile.

Check this out:

“Temple (Sanctuary Mix)” by Jane Siberry
Simon’s dog is returned to him at his party.
“Hand On My Heart” by Judith Owen
Vincent returns with 2 cans of Pepsi. Simon tells him he can put what music he wants on.
“Spanish Castle Magic” by The Spin Doctors
Vincent puts this song on the CD player as his friends rob the place. 
“Always Look On the Bright Side of Life” by Art Garfunkel
Melvin plays the piano and sings. 
“Climb On (A Back That’s Strong)” by Shawn Colvin
Melvin knocks on Carol’s door and tells her he’s hungry. Carol kicks off. She tells him her son is sick. Carol looks after her sun.
“Y.M.C.A.” by The Village People
Melvin puts this on the car radio but says he’s joking. 
“Days Like This” by Van Morrison
Melvin puts this song in the car after his joke of playing the YMCA. Carol tells him she likes the song.
“Baltimore” by The Drifters
3rd song in the car. Carol talks to Simon as she drives and Melvin sits in the back.
“Everything My Heart Desires” by Phil Roy
The band play live in the restaurant as the greeter goes to get a tie and jacket for Melvin. 
“My Only” by Phil Roy
Melvin arrives back at the restaurant with his new jacket and tie. Melvin and Carol sit down at their table. 
“Everything My Heart Desires” by Phil Roy
3rd song in the restaurant. Melvin is tasked with given Carol a compliment but first he orders the food. 
“(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons” by Nat ‘King’ Cole
Melvin puts the music on in the car but Carol complains. Melvin turns it off. 
“Always Look On the Bright Side of Life” by Art Garfunkel
End credits