Couple Has Gotten Married Over 50 Times All Over The World

I can easily see ’45 days in Europe with Mr Darcy’s Lizzy eyes twinkling just by observing this couple’s picture.

It’s also very probable that she would convince Darcy to do the same!…


“A British couple has been traveling the world over the past two years to take part in a traditional wedding in every country they visit.

The Huffington Post reports that Alex Pelling and Lisa Gant of Manchester began their journey in Australia in 2011, and have since participated in 52 wedding ceremonies in over 50 countries.

The two were friends for eight years before they began dating in 2008. After four years of living together, Alex and Lisa rented out their house and sold Alex’s motor repair business along with a lot of their possessions so they could search the globe for the best place to get married.

The couple has not only exposed how beautiful weddings in certain countries can be, but also enlightened their thousands of followers on the marriage traditions of various cultures.

Alex and Lisa blogged about their experiences the entire time.”

I smell Lizzard all around this! 🙂


Read the full article here.

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